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AURHAVEN™ Jar Sealer®

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Brand Aurhaven
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Color Black
Product Dimensions 4.13"L x 4.13"W x 3.7"H
Power Source Cordless Electric
  • 【Suitable for two types of Mason jars】The electric Mason jar vacuum sealer contains two sizes of mouth seals for your daily use. To get the standard mouth seal jar, simply insert the red arrow on the standard mouth seal converter, align it with the unlock symbol on the main unit and then insert it inside the silicone ring in the wide mouth seal area and tighten it clockwise, at this point the arrow is aligned with the lock symbol, which indicates a successful installation.
  • 【For all your vacuum sealing needs】Includes an electric vacuum sealer containing a wide mouth sealer, a standard mouth seal converter, 5* wide mouth Mason jar lids, and 5* regular mouth Mason jar lids and user guide. Our food vacuum sealer kit will help you remove the air from your Mason jars and extend the life of your stored food.
  • 【Easy to use】The cordless vacuum sealer with standard mouth sealer converter kit is suitable for wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason jars (mason jars not included). Make sure the electric vacuum sealer is centered and pressed firmly against the lid of the jar, click the button to start the vacuum pump and wait about 40 seconds or more and the air can be evacuated to the seal. Clicking the button again closes the sealer.
  • 【Electric vacuum pump, free your hands】No longer need to use both hands to press the manual vacuum pump ten or twenty times, no longer need to take out a bunch of accessories hose, take out a vacuum machine, so that your desktop clutter, you use our electric vacuum pump, just press the button once, wait 40 seconds or more, you can complete the vacuum seal.
  • 【Portable vacuum sealer】Don't have a vacuum sealer? Don't worry!!! We offer you an electric Mason jar sealer that you can use to extract the air from your Mason jars. The sealer is too big to carry with you when you travel or have a picnic? You can also use this electric sealer instead of it.
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Dive into the world of effortless food preservation with Aurhaven's Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer, your new pantry essential. This cordless marvel transforms your mason jars into bastions of freshness, offering a simple, yet powerful way to extend the life of your favorite foods.

With a touch of a button, it whispers promises of lasting flavor and nutrition, making every meal a testament to freshness. Perfect for homes that cherish the essence of good living, this sealer invites you to savor every moment, bite by bite.



Sealing Magic in Your Hands

Embrace the power of presence with Aurhaven's enchanting dark blue lock box, a sanctuary for your phone and a key to unlocking real-life connections. Sized perfectly for most smartphones, it's a treasure chest designed to distance us from digital distractions, offering solace and focus. With its clever "hesitation period," it teaches the art of patience and the value of intentional living. A gem for those seeking balance in a connected world, promising a journey back to the essence of meaningful interactions.

Seal the Freshness!

Aurhaven's ingenious electric Mason jar vacuum sealer has revolutionized my kitchen routine, offering a seamless blend of efficiency and style. With its dual-size mouth seals, accommodating both standard and wide-mouth Mason jars, this device is a testament to convenience and versatility. The cordless electric power source liberates my countertops from clutter, while the simple button press for vacuum sealing feels like magic. Watching it effortlessly suck the air out, preserving the freshness of my culinary creations, is genuinely satisfying. It's compact enough for picnics or travels, making it my go-to gadget for maintaining the integrity of my foods, anywhere. A must-have for anyone passionate about preserving their kitchen masterpieces with ease and flair.

Freshness on a Click!

With Aurhaven's electric Mason jar vacuum sealer, keeping my kitchen's flavors alive has never been easier. This gem handles both wide and regular-mouth jars, ensuring every grain and herb is sealed with freshness. Its cordless design eradicates clutter, transforming vacuum sealing from a chore into a simple, single-button joy. No more manual pumping or bulky machines—just pure, effortless preservation. It's like having a portable freshness guardian by my side, ready to safeguard my culinary treasures, whether at home or on a verdant picnic. Aurhaven has truly revolutionized the way I store food, bringing peace of mind and freshness with each seal. A kitchen essential that whispers the promise of enduring taste and aroma.

lectric mason jar vacuum sealer mason jar sealer

How to Use

  • Put the mason jar lid on top of the jar (Not suitable for one-piece lids with rings)
  • Press the sealer down firmly, holding it smooth
  • Remove the top mason jar sealer to double the effect by adding a ring lid (ring lid not included in our package)

jar sealer for mason jars mason jar vacuum sealer kit jar sealer for mason

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We ship to all locations within the United States and internationally.

  • Orders are typically processed 1-2 business days.
  • Delivery estimate of 1 to 3 business weeks.

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