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AURHAVEN™ The Keepin Box®

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  • 【Change Now】 If your phone habits are interfering with your health, relationships, and responsibilities, it might be time to make some changes. Research shows that the KEEPIN BOX phone jail box with timer can make you stay away from your mobile phone, focus on work, study and life, effectively multiply your time
  • 【Works with Most Uncased Phones】 The internal size of the phone lock box with charger is about 6.77 x 3.35 x 0.63inch, compatible with iPhone 14/14 Pro/14Pro Max/13/12/11/X/XR/XS/8/7/6 plus, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei etc. Cautions: phones with thick and large cases may not fit in the box
  • 【Maximum Focus】 The opaque box makes you won't pay attention to the notifications on lock screen; You can answer/hang up the call from the four-leaf clover window; No screw on the outside, it’s hard to destroy it. A powerful strategy to build better habit
  • 【Fault-tolerance Mechanisms】 Hold the big button for 2 seconds to confirm the time setting, and then there will be a 5 seconds countdown "hesitation period". At the "hesitation period", you can cancel the setting by clicking any button, or it will be locked. As a last resort, it can be emergency unlocked by holding the big button for 10 seconds, and there can only be used twice in a lifetime, please use it with caution
  • 【Portable and Long Standby】 Small and light weight, similar to a phone, fully charged in 30 minutes, and it can stand by for 30 days. Feel free to take the storage box with lock to the office, classroom, library and study room
  • No Compromises In Quality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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EMBRACE THE PRESENT: The Keepin Box Journey

Rediscover the essence of life with The Keepin Box, a beacon for those longing to break free from digital chains. This isn't just a box; it's a promise to oneself, a vessel to safeguard your phone and reclaim the moments that matter.

With its elegant simplicity and commitment to quality, The Keepin Box offers a tranquil haven from the buzz of notifications, allowing you to focus on real connections, deep work, or the sheer joy of being. Step into a world of presence, mindfulness, and satisfaction, knowing every moment is lived to its fullest.



Time to Unplug

Embrace the power of presence with Aurhaven's enchanting dark blue lock box, a sanctuary for your phone and a key to unlocking real-life connections. Sized perfectly for most smartphones, it's a treasure chest designed to distance us from digital distractions, offering solace and focus. With its clever "hesitation period," it teaches the art of patience and the value of intentional living. A gem for those seeking balance in a connected world, promising a journey back to the essence of meaningful interactions.

Master Your Focus

With Aurhaven's ingenious Keepin Box, I found not just a box but a companion in my quest for mindfulness and productivity. Its simple yet effective lock mechanism is my gentle reminder that life awaits beyond the screen. Inserting my phone feels like a sacred ritual, marking the beginning of undisturbed focus or meaningful connection. The device's snug fit and the option to charge while locked away are practical touches that respect my lifestyle's demands. This is more than a tool; it's a stepping stone to mastering self-discipline and embracing the moments that truly matter.

Serenity in a Box

Discovering the Aurhaven Keepin Box was like finding a hidden treasure in today's fast-paced digital world. This elegantly simple dark blue box has become my sanctuary, a haven where my phone can rest, and I can flourish without the constant pings demanding my attention. With each press to set the timer, I commit to moments of pure focus or connection with the world around me. The sense of achievement from resisting temptation and enhancing productivity is unparalleled. This box isn't just an object; it's a lifestyle change, subtly nestled on my desk, reminding me that true control comes from within. Highly recommended for anyone ready to reclaim their time and focus.

phone lock box

Mute anytime

When not muted, there is a "beep" sound that accompanies your press

Not removable

No regrets, no luck. Live with heart

Long standby

No need to worry about power issues. Note: The open lid button consumes the most power

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We ship to all locations within the United States and internationally.

  • Orders are typically processed 1-2 business days.
  • Delivery estimate of 1 to 3 business weeks.

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